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Meal Plan Subscription

If you are currently undergoing cancer therapy you may subscribe for our Take-out Meal Plan. 

Undergoing therapy can affect your energy, your mental clarity and your taste buds. And yet you need to keep your immune system strong and your body as safe from side effects as possible.

We have 8 years of research in nutrition and diets that prevent and discourage cancer. Based on consultations with a nationally recognized Nutritional Oncologist and Chef Huwayda’s understanding of foods and spices, our meals are delicious and powerful adjuncts to your treatments.


Subscribing will:

  1. Save you Energy and Time

  2. Provide you with health-supportive menus based on an Anti-Cancer diet

  3. Enhance your Immune System and Deprive Cancer from foods that promote its growth

  4. Give your family Peace of Mind


When you sign up please tell us what your current treatment is and how long it may last.  We have limited spots and this will help us plan better.
You may continue this service up to 1 month after end of treatment.  In the spirit of allowing space for the most subscribers, we mange participation based on need.

You may subscribe for either the 2 week or Monthly plan.
Dinners are picked up Tuesdays and Thursdays from our location.
Delivery may be possible for patients in Concord/Pleasant Hill/Walnut Creek. Please send us an email with your info for confirmation. Cost is $5.00 per week for delivery.

Each meal contains 2 servings of an Entree, Side dish/Salad and dessert.  Our meals are soy/sugar/gluten and preservative free.  At least 90% of our produce is organic (and only the safe dozen may not be) and wild caught fish/ pasture-raised chicken. We limit red meat consumption since it is acid forming… an environment that enhances cancer growth.
NOTE: We do use nuts and coconut or almond milk in our recipes, so please notify us of allergies.

2 Week Plan - $150

3 meals per week, 2 servings each = 12 meals total

Monthly Plan - $288

3 meals per week, 2 servings each = 24 meals total

Preview our Take-out Menus here.

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Our meals

90% organic produce, free-range meats (in moderation) and wild caught fish. We select health-boosting spices to entice your taste buds!